Creating a weather app using node.js and the OpenWeatherMap API

let request = require('request');let apiKey = '34ef108283d61ecbca72455a49a8d6b2';let cidade = 'Guarda';let url = `${cidade}&appid=${apiKey}&units=metric`request(url, function (err, response, body) {if(err){console.log('error:', error);} else {let weather = JSON.parse(body);let dados = `DADOS METEROLÓGICO PARA a ${}:------------- Temperatura (ºC): ${weather.main.feels_like}- Humidade: ${weather.main.humidity}- Visibilidade: ${weather.visibility}- Vento (km/h): ${weather.wind.speed}`console.log(dados);}});
node index.js




Finalist student in Computer Engineering

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Afonso Antunes

Afonso Antunes

Finalist student in Computer Engineering

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