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Finalist student in Computer Engineering
  • Ubuntu 18.04 version (Can be used on a virtualized machine in VirtualBox);
  • Java 8 installed.

  • Create — INSERT
  • Read — SELECT
  • Update — UPDATE
  • Delete — DELETE

1st step: Create a directory for the project

mkdir calculator
cd calculator

2nd step: Start the project

npm init

3rd step: Installing required packages


Autoria de Afonso Antunes e Carolina Rei


O Spark é um framework open-source para processamento de Big Data construído com foco em velocidade, facilidade de uso e análises sofisticadas.

  • Ubuntu 18.04 (Can be used on a virtualized machine in VirtualBox);
  • Java installed;
java -version
sudo apt-get install default-jre
sudo apt-get install default-jdk

Autoria de Afonso Antunes e Carolina Rei

Vamos então indicar todos os passos precisos para a criação desta API

1º Passo: Criação do Projeto

1º passo: Criação do Projeto

Usando a linha de comandos, criámos os diretórios precisos juntamente com os ficheiros necessários

  • Criação do projeto juntamente com a respetiva instalação:
mkdir api-TakeAway
cd api-TakeAway
npm init
  • Preencher a description e o author (opcional):

  • What it is?
  • Some examples of the same
  • The features
  • Advantages and disadvantages of a Distributed System

What is a Distributed System?

In general, a Distributed System is a system with several components that is found on different machines so that it is connected through a data network and that presents itself as a single system for users.

Examples of Distributed System

In the current world, we find several examples of distributed systems, with special emphasis:

  • Telecommunication networks;
  • Network applications;
  • Online games;
  • Etc.

The key features of a Distributed System

  • Openess: In order for the systems to “talk” between then, it is very important that…

So let’s start the tutorial!!

1st step: Open the command line and use the following commands to create the project.

mkdir calculatorSwagger
cd calculatorSwagger
npm init

1st step: Install node.js the Todo example and install the JWT authentication extension

npm init
lb4 example todo
cd loopback4-example-todo
npm i --save @loopback/authentication @loopback/authentication-jwt

2nd step: Create the Controller for login

1st step: Install node.js and LoopBack 4

npm init
npm i -g @loopback/cli

2nd step: Create the app scanffolding

Afonso Antunes

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